Official Note

17 April 1948. Jadwiga Zołoteńka, living in Warsaw at Fałąta Street 6, flat 23, responded to the summons from the Main Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes. She made the following statement:

During the Warsaw Uprising I lived at Fałata Street 6 in Warsaw. I can’t remember the exact date, but it was already after the Germans murdered the Jesuits and burned their house at Rakowiecka Street. The charred remains of the house were still smoldering. A group of German soldiers arrived in the courtyard of our house. They had black, red and yellow collar patches. Soldiers appeared in the courtyard on a regular basis. Once, I heard the person from our house talking to the Germans and asking what was going on at the Jesuits’ place. A soldier who said he was from the Herman Göring division (he wore a camouflage jacket, therefore I couldn’t recognize the type of troops) replied: "all the friars are dead, I myself killed their prior".