On 11 August 1945, Mrs. Anna Niesłuchowska, K. t. 66982, domiciled in Wrocław PPS, reported to the Polish Red Cross Information Bureau and provided the following data:

On 5 August 1944 at 13:00,the following people were led out by the Germans from the house at Marszałkowska Street 31 in the direction of Unii Lubelskiej square:

Niesłuchowski Stefan born 1899, clerk in an Insurance Company Gayny Stanisław about 50 years old, director of a concrete plant Ciombor surgeon, 43 years old
Goriatkowski Prof. of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences, about sixty-something years old
Dąbrowski caretaker
Wołosiński owner of the “Hel” bar
Ossowiecki engineer (psychic)
Unidentified person; Mrs. Kamińska, Marszałkowska Street 60, ground floor incorrect details
Unidentified person. “ “ “ Światłowski Lech 36/38, journalist
Plebański Stanisław 48 years old, owner of Obory estate (he survived), lives in Warsaw, Teresy Street 2; incorrect details Mrs. Ciomborowa, Marszałkowska Street 66
Count Tyszkiewicz young, from Litewska Street
Różański engineer, about 50 years old, his wife is domiciled at Marszałkowska Street 62, flat 8 or Noakowskiego Street 20, flat 34 Dzięcioł shop owner, his wife lives in Sosnowiec

A complete list is in possession of Mrs. Bylicka (Kraków, Straszewskiego Street 40), a journalist. Nobody has ever heard again from the above listed people.

In addition, she states the following: In the burnt down Anca pharmacy on the corner of Marszałkowska and Oleandrów streets, the Germans – having first thrown living men into the burning pharmacy – organized an execution site and a crematorium there. Mrs. Niesłuchowska met the eyewitnesses during an evacuation. In February 1945, unknown people took the remains of burnt and roasted bodies. According to information obtained from other people, these bones are buried in the first two graves in aleja Piłsudskiego. Among those who had seen these bodies is Mr. Łukowski, a registry office clerk in the Savior parish. In February 1945, in the basement in among the ruins of the pharmacy, Mrs. Niesłuchowska found a few felt men’s hats with bullet marks and remains of lush, fair hair. She also saw numerous scattered bones and shoes. Even yesterday when she went there she saw human leg bones with a men’s garter, charred human ribs and men’s shoes. Mrs. Niesłuchowska appeals that we recognize the place as the site of slaughter and provide protection for the grave. She wishes to be notified of any decisions.