Kalisz, 5 January 1945

Your Honor

I have read in the newspaper that on 5 August 1944 in Wola people were being executed in the Ursus factory from the afternoon to dusk.

On 5 August 1944, between 10 and 11 a.m., my husband Tadeusz Radajewski (60 years of age) was taken with other men from St. Adalbert’s Church in Wola. I haven’t heard from him since. After the men were taken, we, that is to say the women and children, a few thousand in number, were locked in the church for a few hours. We weren’t even allowed to go out into the church’s courtyard.

Of the men whom the Germans had taken, two returned in the evening, but after half an hour they were taken out again.

Perhaps Dr Rawa, who took care of the small hospital organized in the church, or the wife of Dr Białas, who was taken along with my husband, know something about the men taken by the Germans. Białas’ wife cried a lot in the church and told me that our husbands were dead.

I ask you to let me know if you learn anything about the transport in question.

I am attaching a stamped self-addressed envelope so that you can send me the information for which I earnestly ask.


Maria Radajewska
Kalisz, Marshal Stalin Street 9, flat 3

On 16 February 1946, in reply to her letter, she was informed that witnesses have not confirmed the presence of Tadeusz Radajewski on the premises of the Ursus factory on 5 August 1944. She was also asked to provide the addresses of Dr Rawa and Dr Białas’ wife.