A report drawn up on 10 October 1946 by the Communal Commission of the commune of Zaborów (district of Warsaw) for the Investigation of German Crimes, concerning the execution of Mrs Tymińska and another woman, aged over 60, and also Stanisław Skorzyński, Julian Balczerzak and Józef Józefowicz.

The following man was examined in the case:

1) the leader of the community of Izabelin, Stanisław Remek, who having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations or ones inconsistent with the truth, testified as follows:

In 1943, gendarmes from Zaborów surrounded the house of Stanisław Sznejder in order to catch and arrest him. Sznejder, however, was absent, and the Germans found only two women – Mrs Tymińska and an elderly lady who lived there. The house was set on fire with the occupants inside – they were not allowed to leave. At more or less the same time, Stanisław Skorupski started running away from the house of a friend of his; the Germans stopped him, led him out into the road, and shot him dead.

In 1942 … [?] were shot on the spot.

The Germans walked up to the house of Julian Balcerzak, took him away and in all probability murdered him at an unknown location, for he has not shown up to date.

Józef Józefowicz was shot dead on the spot in 1944.

The abovementioned facts may be attested to by the following witnesses: Adam Adamkiewicz, Stanisław Kowalski and Stanisław Skrzyniarz.

I am fully prepared to repeat my testimony – accompanied by the witnesses mentioned above – under oath whenever so requested.