A report drawn up on 10 October 1946 by the Communal Commission of the commune of Zaborów (district of Warsaw) for the Investigation of German Crimes, concerning the execution of the entire Gliszczyński family in the community of Hornówek, commune of Zaborów, and the burning of all their movable and immovable property.

The following man was examined in the case:

1) the leader of the community of Hornówek, Ignacy Filipiak, who having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations or ones inconsistent with the truth, testified as follows:

Towards the end of August 1943, German gendarmes – eight of them – drove up looking for partisans, and immediately went to the Gliszczyński family, this comprising the spouses and their six children, eight people in total. The children were aged between 20 and 8. The father, attempting to flee, was gunned down; his 8-year old daughter was taken from their neighbor, Paweł Grzegorczyk, and executed by the Germans along with the other seven. Whereupon the bodies were thrown into a pit that the Germans had dug, and buried. Next, the Germans burned everything down, including the buildings, and left.

The facts presented above may be corroborated by a neighbor, Feliks Widawski, Piotr Grzegorczyk, and his mother Elżbieta. The joint grave of the victims is still located at the site of the crime.

I am fully prepared to repeat my testimony – accompanied by the witnesses mentioned above – under oath whenever so requested.