Tomasz Siekiera Sochaczew, 24 June 1946 Pułaskiego Street 2
in Sochaczew

To the Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Warsaw

I hereby notify the Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes that on 7 June 1943, the Gestapo and the local gendarmerie came to my house, but, as I was not home, they left empty-handed. Since that time, my three sons (Władysław, Stefan and Zdzisław) and I had to hide. After a longer period of time, however, my youngest son, 16-year-old Zdzisław, went back to the house. The gendarmerie from Zduny (near Łowicz) and Sochaczew came for the second time on 8 March 1944. They arrested my son Zdzisław and took him to Zduny. There, they cruelly tortured my son for three days. Then the Gestapo from Łowicz took him from Zduny and tortured him cruelly for four days, trying to make him betray his father and two older brothers. Although he knew where we were and knew about the entire local underground organization, he didn’t denounce anyone. On 15 March 1944, he was taken to Głowno and shot dead with ten other hostages in front of the crowd of spectators from Głowno and surroundings during the funeral of the mayor and the priest who had both been killed by our organizations as German spies.

I would like to add that due to the fact that my son hadn’t betrayed anyone, the gendarmerie from Zduny arrested several people from among the family and friends, including: Piotr Tarkowski (son of Karol)
Józef Tarkowski (son of Karol)
Józef Tarkowski (son of Antoni)
Henryk Jochimek
young Szniadała
and many other people whose surnames I don’t know, but which can be provided by Piotr Tarkowski. All of these people came from Wyborów in the Jeziorko commune, Łowicz district, and Jan Siekiera was from Mastek village, located in the same commune and district.

I propose that the above-mentioned people, who were arrested by the gendarmerie, be called to testify, as they witnessed my son being interrogated. Karolina (wife) and Marianna Tarkowska, residing at Puławskiego Street 2 in Sochaczew, were present at the arrest.

I submit separately the surnames of three more witnesses, who can tell the Commission who denounced us. These are:
Władysław Kołaczek
Józef Bogacki
and Konstanty Zaczek
from Wyborów, Jeziorko commune, Łowicz district, and Marianna Nikoda, Staszica Street, Parafialny Square, Sochaczew.

I notify the Commission only now because I believed that we would identify the denouncers, and I have the impression that it may happen in the course of the investigation.

Yours sincerely,
Tomasz Siekiera