District Investigating Judge
of the 2nd Division of the District Court in Warsaw
Leszno Street 53/55

I hereby declare that on 6 May 1944 I witnessed a German crime against Mr. Antoni Radzikowski, residing at 6 Sierpnia Street 11, flat 17. A pack of uniformed Germans ran across Pole Mokotowskie killing innocent civilians working at their allotments.

When I reached the corner of Mokotowska and Polna streets along with a few other people, we saw one wounded man collapse to the ground and sit down by a shed. Suddenly a car arrived. In my naivety, I thought that it could be help (an ambulance) as I was devastated by the tragedy, with tears streaming down my face, just as all the other people around me. But it was a band of Germans torturers once again; they stopped in front of the wounded man for a brief moment and then fired. The man fell to the ground, he was no longer sitting. The German bandits in their despicable uniforms continued to the field where they began to finish off other people. On that day, I learned that the man who had been shot before my very eyes was Antoni Radzikowski.

Having been called to testify as a witness on 3 January 1946, I submit my declaration in writing, as due to bad health – I am 68 years old and have difficulty walking due to rheumatism and heart disease – I cannot appear before the Commission in person.

M. Żukowska