Warsaw, 28 February 1946. Judge Halina Wereńko, delegated to the Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes, interviewed the person specified below as a witness. Having advised the witness of the criminal liability for making false declarations and of the gravity of the oath, the judge swore the witness in accordance with Art. 109 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Wanda Zofia Malec née Bilińska
Date of birth 11 November 1923
Names of parents Franciszek and Stanisława
Occupation none
Education seven grades of elementary school
Place of residence Warsaw, Zachariasza Street 11, flat 25
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Criminal record none

In 1943, in January, I married Adam Malec (born on 20 May 1920) and we settled in Praga, in the Zacisze settlement, Bródno commune.

I don’t know whether my husband worked in the conspiracy; in any case, he did not speak of such things with me.

On 8 November 1943 at 11 a.m. my husband, his friend Włodzimierz Biriukow, Henryk Duda and Mieczysław Borowski were arrested by German gendarmes in the flat of one of his acquaintances (the owner of the house at Wejherowska Street 17, the name of the acquaintance – Cygler). All of them were acquaintances, they kept in close touch.

Mrs. Cygler told me about the arrest. Reportedly, the gendarmerie came in a car, surrounded the Cyglers’ house, and then they took away the above-mentioned persons, only from the Cyglers’ flat. These persons were not, however, taken based on a list, since the gendarmes entering did not know their names, and since they took everyone that was there, that is, my husband with his friends and Mrs. Cygler, who was released shortly after. Mrs. Cygler’s daughter (twenty-odd years old) was not arrested.

On 12 November 1943, a poster was put up, which featured the names of my husband and his three friends, and indicated them as captives. On 17 November 1943, all of them were executed (which was announced on posters as well) – the execution, according to the posters, took place in the Western Railway Station [Dworzec Zachodni].

I have not heard anything about my husband from the moment he was arrested.

The report was read out.