Suchedniów, 20 August 1946. Investigative Judge Ludwik Jankowski interviewed the person named below as a witness. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Stanisława Krzemińska, née Gil
Parents’ names Piotr and Marjanna, née Cieślak
Date of birth 26 June 1911
Place of residence Ostojów, Suchedniów commune, Kielce district
Occupation housewife
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Criminal record none

On 1 April 1940, a unit of Polish soldiers hiding in the surrounding forests passed through the village of Szałasy (Samsonów commune, Kielce district). At that time I lived in Michałowski’s forester’s lodge. Michałowski, who was a forest ranger, spoke to the Polish unit’s commander. That day things were calm in the village, and the unit was quartered in it.

The following day the Germans came to Szałasy, but I don’t know what kind of unit it was and I don’t know any names. After making some inquiries among the Polish population, the unit walked away only to reappear a few days later. The soldiers, who had the skull and crossbones insignia on their caps and collars, dragged men from some of the houses and led them to the school; Michałowski the forest ranger was among those whom the Germans had pulled out of their houses. At the same time, the village was set on fire. The men gathered in the school were ordered to leave the building. When they came out the Germans showered them with a flurry of bullets. According to my count, there were 58 men killed near the school. The village was completely burnt down, but I saw no burnt bodies on the school rubble. I wish to point out that the corpses lying near the school were charred and unrecognizable.

The forest ranger, Wincenty Michałowski was executed, along with four other men, on the same day, next to the neighboring building.

Many people who hid in the lofts of their houses died in the flames. Because of the execution, the women and children from Szałasy had to move to the neighboring village. I have nothing to add about the crimes perpetrated by the Germans against the Poles.

The report was read out.