In Chełmce on this day, 17 November 1948, at 7.00 p.m., I, officer Witold Moszczyński from the Citizens’ Militia Station in Piekoszów, heard the person named below, having first advised the said of the criminal liability for making false declarations, pursuant to the provisions of Article 140 of the Penal Code, and of the right to refuse testimony for the reasons stated in Article 104 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, whereupon the witness stated:

Name and surname Bolesław Depak
Parents’ names Feliks and Stanisława
Date of birth 5 May 1912
Religion Roman Catholic
Occupation farmer
Place of residence Chełmce, commune of Piekoszów, district of Kielce
Relationship to the parties none

As regards the present case, I am aware of the following facts: On 14 May 1940 at around 12.00 p.m. two gendarmes in black uniforms arrived in the village of Oblęgor, commune of Niewachlów. They took with them Julian Masłowski, son of Walenty, resident in Oblęgorek. They led him into the forest near Chełmce and shot him there. Julian Masłowski was executed because he was hiding weapons that he had received for safekeeping from soldiers of the Polish Army in 1939. I was an eyewitness to the execution.

At this point the report was brought to a close and read out before being signed by the witness.