The witness interview report compiled by the Investigating Judge of the District Court, Municipal Court in Wieliczka, 26 September 1947.

In attendance: Judge Dr. Władysław Windakiewicz, reporter Franciszek Somogyi

Criminal case against Erich Muhsfeldt.

The witness has been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations. The witness has answered general questions:

Name and surname Father Jan Przytocki
Age 38
Place of birth Balicze Podróżne, Stryj district
Occupation parish priest, Siepraw parish
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Place of residence Siepraw, Myślenice district
Relationship to the parties none

The witness has been advised of his right to refuse to testify for reasons stipulated under art. 104 of the Code of Criminal Procedure. The witness, Father Jan Przytocki, testified as follows:

I was interned at the Majdanek camp between April 1943 and 6 April 1944. I know that Muhsfeldt, whose first name I do not know, served as some kind of a senior figure at the local crematorium. I had no contacts with him. He was very rarely seen among the prisoners on the grounds of the camp. If he ever appeared there, then the prisoners were certain that someone “was going up the chimney”. I saw said Muhsfeldt maybe two times, tops. He was of average height, around maybe 40 years of age. I do not remember his facial features.

After examining the photograph attached to the subpoena, I cannot ascertain if the person on the said photograph is identical to suspect Erich Muhsfeldt. Suspect Muhsfeldt was back then commonly referred to as head of the Majdanek crematorium. I did not witness the atrocities perpetrated by the suspect.

During my time at the Majdanek concentration camp, I was consigned to the so-called Penal Field III, where prisoners of different nationalities and denominations stayed. Rudolf Sidorów, resident of Ropczyce, at the technical vocational school, had been staying at said camp with me over the abovementioned period, and he has information pertaining to suspect Muhsfeldt. Another person imprisoned with me was Jankowski, a mechanic by trade, currently residing in Bytom, where he is a restaurant owner. I do not know his exact address. His first name is Stanisław. He probably has information about Muhsfeldt and his activities.