Zielin, 2 August 1947

Kraków District Commission
for the Investigation of German Crimes

Appearing at the Dachau trial as a witness for the prosecution against former SS men and kapos of the Flossenbürg camp staff, I recognized, in the process, the following Auschwitz camp SS men: former SS-Oberscharführer Boger from the Political Department and SS-Oberscharführer Plagge – both long-serving Auschwitz torturers.

I submitted a written statement against the above SS men to the Polish Commission for the Investigation of German crimes at Dachau.

I am inquiring if my statement has been delivered to Poland, to the Polish Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes.

My responsibility as a former Auschwitz prisoner was to submit my incriminating statement on behalf of hundreds of thousands murdered comrades.

I saw the mysterious block 11 at Auschwitz, I witnessed mass murders perpetrated against my companions in adversity, where the lord of life and death was no other than SS-Oberscharführer Boger.

In 1943, I was sentenced to death, together with 82 comrades of mine. At the last minute, I was excluded by SS-Unterscharführer Dylewski, who believed that my case had not been brought to a proper conclusion, but I witnessed the murder perpetrated against my comrades, where the aforementioned SS-Oberscharführer Boger, terror incarnate of Auschwitz, took an active part in the execution.

I am awaiting a response. Edward Kiczmachowski, prisoner 3414