Name and surname Adolf Maciejowski
Age 38
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Occupation conservator
Place of residence Chorzów I, Chrobrego Street 19

Testified as follows:

I was imprisoned in the Auschwitz camp more or less from April 1940 until 20 January 1945. From the submitted list I know Aumeier (number 1), Grabner (number 28), Josten (number 37), Liebehenschel (number 53), Maria Mandl (number 59), Adolf Medefind (number 61), Schumacher (number 80). I note that I don’t know the names of the other crew members. I suppose if I saw their photographs, I would be better able to recognize them.

1) As for Aumeier, I already testified on 16 September this year and I refer to these testimonies.

28) As for Grabner, I also testified on 16 September.

37) Josten, SS-Obersturmführer, was Aumeier’s deputy Lagerführer [head of the camp]. He punched and kicked the prisoners. He participated in the executions. He was the terror of the prisoners. I saw him, around October 1943, beat and kick six prisoners just before they were hanged. I don’t remember any more details.

53) Liebehenschel was the camp commandant after Höß from mid-1944 until the end. He ordered the camp to be evacuated on foot and the blocks to be blown up, with the blocks of sick patients to be blown up along with the sick, but this didn’t happen. Relations in the camp were normalized under his command. In my opinion, however, this was not to Liebehenschel’s credit, but orders from above, in connection with the defeats which the Germany were sustaining at the time. I don’t know any more details about Liebehenschel.

59) Maria Mandl was the commandant of the women’s camp in Birkenau. She was often in the food warehouse where I worked and slapped the prisoners employed there in the face and kicked them, calling in German: “You Polish pig”. I was also hit in the face several times for no reason. The female prisoners (especially those from the kitchen) complained that Mandl abused them severely, beat them, and sent them to the punitive unit for no reason, just because she didn’t like a prisoner. I don’t know any more details about Mandl. In any case, she was the terror of the prisoners.

61) Adolf Medefind, SS-Unterscharführer, was the head of the side warehouse. He usually had Jewish prisoners employed there. From what Ratajczak told me, I know that [Medefind] tortured the prisoners employed under him, beat, mistreated and sent them to the punitive unit. I don’t know the details. I also saw him punch, beat with a stick and kick the prisoners.

80) Hans Schumacher, SS-Unterscharführer. As for him, I testified on 16 September and I refer to those testimonies.

The report was read out before signing.