The Main Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Warsaw

Two years ago, during the uprising, on 4 August, the Germans expelled everyone from the flat at 6 Sierpnia Street 18, flat 3, leading them, under an armed escort to the Gestapo HQ on aleja Szucha, where they separated all the men, and from that time, despite having searched, I have found no trace of my husband, Adam Chamski (64 years old). Since my family received a message from the office of the aforementioned Commission, I am kindly writing to inquire about any indications or information regarding my missing husband that you may have.

I am in very difficult circumstances, without a carer, deprived of all my possessions, and in old age (I am 62); I also have no information about my son, a lieutenant, who took an active part in the fight against the occupiers. I would like to have some kind of document that would make my life easier.

Kind Regards

Regina Chamska
Mława, Piłsudskiego Street 4
(with letters from Mrs. Bagieńska)