Polish Mission for the Prosecution of War Crimes
Polish War Crimes, Liaison Group, Team Brunswick

Braunschweig, 17 June 1946

Investigative Judge: Captain R. Zdankiewicz, a Judge of the District Court Reporter: Lieutenant Cz. Tundak, secretary
in the case against: Otto Arthur Lätsch

A witness appeared who, having being instructed of the consequences of providing false testimony, was legally sworn in and provided the following testimony:

Name and surname Szmul Goldwasser
Age 34 years old
Religion Jewish
Marital status married
Occupation laborer
Relationship to the accused none
Found guilty of committing perjury no
Current place of residence Braunschweig, Broitzem, Polish camp, block VIII, room 47
Place of residence in Poland Łódź, Jewish Commune

As regards the case of Otto Lätsch, whom on 11 June 1946 I accidentally encountered in the street in Braunschweig and thereafter brought about his arrest, I have already given testimony to the German police. I uphold this testimony, which has now been read out to me, and – being examined under oath – I reiterate that it is concordant with the truth.

Today it is difficult to describe all the cruelties committed by Lätsch and how he tormented the prisoners (Häftlings). Lätsch may be described as a complete savage, who maltreated the helpless Häftlings at every turn, and thoroughly enjoyed murdering people. I remember, among other incidents, when one night he ordered 30 of the prisoners to go behind the camp, where a taxicab carrying German SS officers had got stuck in the mud. It was difficult to pull the vehicle out, for we ourselves found it hard to move around in the mud. Lätsch then started beating us with a heavy stick and a shovel, seriously wounding a good few.

Penal exercises, during which Lätsch would beat us, were frequent.

Once I witnessed Lätsch shooting a Häftling, while my friends told me about other incidents.

I know what Lätsch’s present line of defense is, and I must say that it is no more than a pack of lies. I can be confronted with Lätsch at any time and will readily repeat all of my charges against him to his face.

This is all that I have to say. The report was read out before being signed.

Thereupon the report was brought to a close.