On 16 September 1947 in Sieradz, the Municipal Court in Sieradz, Criminal Section, with Judge T. Obertyński presiding and with the participation of court reporter J. Kwapisz, heard the person named below as an unsworn witness. Having been advised of the criminal liability for making false declarations and of the wording of Article 107 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Józef Stępiński
Age 31
Parents’ names Józef and Antonina
Place of residence Sieradz, Kościuszki Street 9
Occupation manager of a printing house
Religious affiliation Roman Catholic
Relationship to the parties none

From 4 June 1943 until 21 June 1943, I was a prisoner in the Auschwitz I concentration camp, and from there I was transported to the so-called Aussenlager, located in Jaworzno, where I worked in a hospital for prisoners as a “food-man”.

From the list of former members of the armed crew of the former concentration camp in Auschwitz read out to me, I heard stories from the older prisoners, especially Władysław Kowalski (no. 2200, currently, as I heard, residing in Munich) and Władysław Śmigielski (no. 6916, who in 1945 after the liberation worked on the prison board in Tarnowskie Góry), regarding Hans Aumeier and Max Grabner, who held higher positions among the members of the armed crew and terrorized the entire camp. However, I don’t know any specific facts of their criminal activity. I suppose that the following people will have more information about the activities of the accused, in particular:

Józef Krzywański – Sieradz, POW Street 6,

Władysław Miś – Sieradz, Dominikańska Street,

Jan Krawiec – Sieradz, Kolegiacka Street 2,

Jan Piotrowski – Sieradz, Kościuszki Street 9.

The report was read out and concluded.