Tenth day of trial, 4 December 1947.

President: Next witness, Lucjan Włodarczyk.

Pursuant to Article 107 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, I advise the witness of the obligation to speak the truth. Making false declarations is punishable by imprisonment of up to five years. Do the parties wish to make any representations concerning the procedure of interviewing the witness?

Prosecutors: We want to release the witness from an oath.

Defense attorneys: We also wish to release the witness from an oath.

Witness Lucjan Włodarczyk, 33 years old, office worker, Roman Catholic, no relationship to the accused parties.

President: The witness was summoned by Mr. Prosecutor in the case of the defendant Müller. Please give your testimony in that case.

Witness: I arrived at the camp on 15 August 1940. At that time I met Müller, nicknamed “Laleczka” [doll face] and notorious for his cruelty.

In January 1941, or maybe towards the end of March, when I was with the Holzkommando [timber kommando] in the basket workshop, my friend and I went to the toilet. Suddenly Müller stormed in with the aim to throw us out. He had a stick and threatened us.

My friend didn’t manage to escape and received a beating – had his arm broken by Müller, in effect losing the use of it. Müller beat my friend sadistically and asked him where I fled.

President: Thank you.

Prosecutor Pęchalski: Was Müller on duty in that basket workshop?

Witness: No, he came out of zeal.

Prosecutor Pęchalski: Did he sic a dog on prisoners?

Witness: Yes, I was bitten by Müller’s dog.

Prosecutor Brandys: Did the witness know the defendant Buntrock?

Witness: Not by name, but I saw a photograph of him.

Prosecutor Brandys: Defendant Buntrock, please rise.

Witness: He doesn’t resemble him.

Attorney Kruh: Did Müller come with his dog?

Witness: I am unable to say that, but he came with a dog and set it on prisoners.

Attorney Kruh: When was this?

Witness: In 1941.

Defendant Müller: Your Honor, I ask permission to ask the witness a question.

President: Please go on.

Defendant Müller: Mr. witness, when exactly in 1941?

Witness: In January or at the beginning of February.

Defendant Müller: In 1941 I was with the guard battalion, where I was in training up until March. I wasn’t a Blockführer.

Witness: He wasn’t a Blockführer, but at the time he walked with “Perełka” [little pearl] and began to learn the drill.

Defendant Müller: I never had a dog.

President: The witness may step down.