On 18 January 1968, in Warsaw, the assistant prosecutor of the District Prosecutor’s Office for Warsaw-Żoliborz heard the person named below as a witness, without an oath. After informing the witness about the criminal liability for false testimony, the witness testified as follows:

Name and surname Władysława Burzycka
Age 75
Parents’ names Franciszek and Paulina née Leszczyńska
Place of residence Warsaw, Ogólna Street 28 flat 1
Occupation retired
Criminal record none
Relation to the parties none

Having been cautioned about the criminal liability [for false testimony] under Art. 140 of the Criminal Code, I testify that:

I have lived for over 50 years on Ruchalewska [?] Street, including during the entire period of the occupation. After the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising, I escaped on the third day with my family from Warsaw to Pruszków county.

I don’t know anything about an execution carried out on my estate, or whether anyone was hidden there. I returned to Warsaw on the third day after the liberation. My house had been burned down, so I lived in a bunker built by the Germans. I didn’t notice any traces of dug-up earth in my garden. It was winter, so nothing could be seen.

Due to the development of the area for housing, I was relocated from my estate. I heard that during the construction works some human remains were dug up, but I didn’t see anything and I can’t say anything about it.

The report was read out.