Stefan Berajter, born 1903.

I was taken prisoner [illegible] in September. The journey to the country [illegible] was hard, with 80 people packed into the wagon. It was very hard [illegible], we were not given food, [illegible] I was 12 days; for three days we were not given any food, very many people were starving. I was in captivity near Lwów, I went to work, in temperatures of minus 30 degrees, wearing one pair of trousers and an overcoat. It was difficult to bear. We walked eight kilometers to work, we had to hold our hands behind our backs as if we had committed a serious crime. They forced us to work and if [someone] did not want to work, he had to lie on the ground in the mud. They persecuted us and put us in custody for saying prayers. I received 400 g of bread for my work. There were lice, I was dirty, because there was no water to wash. I slept under a single torn overcoat in freezing temperatures. The quotas were very [illegible]. The journey to the country, when the war with the Germans began, was very hard—half the people died, we walked 800 km day and night.