Warsaw, 9 January 1946, Investigating Judge Alicja Germasz interviewed the person named below as a witness. After having advised the witness of the criminal liability for making false declarations and of the significance of the oath, the judge swore him in, after which the witness testified as follows:

Forename and surname Wiesław Rott
Age 31
Names of parents Zygmunt and Henryka Józefa
Place of residence Warsaw, Bolecka Street 22
Occupation sanitary doctor with the Municipal Board
Religious affiliation Roman-Catholic
Criminal record none

As the head of the exhumation group of the Department of Health of the Municipal Board in Warsaw, I carried out an exhumation in front of the house at Zawiszy Street 43 in March and April 1945. A dozen or so human bodies, well preserved, were extracted from the graves; some were in coffins. The exhumation was carried out as a result of notifications sent in by the families of those killed. I learned from them that during the uprising, the residents of the building at Zawiszy Street 43 were driven out by the Germans and executed in front of the building. The identification reports are at the Polish Red Cross office.

The report was read out.