1. Personal details (name, surname, rank, age, occupation and marital status):

Lance Corporal Bolesław Łakomy, 28 years old, no profession, bachelor.

2. Name of the camp, prison or place of forced labor:

Równe, prisoner of war camp; then Starobielsk.

3. Description of the camp, prison:

Transition camp. Living conditions good.

4. Composition of prisoners, prisoners of war, deportees:

Polish army.

5. Life in the camp, prison:

Difficult working conditions, large quotas, poor nutrition, etc.

6. Conduct of the NKVD towards the Poles:


7. Medical assistance, hospitals, mortality rate:

Relatively good.

8. Was there any communication with homeland and family? If so, how was it?

By post and it was poor.

9. When were you released and how did you join the army?

I was released on 25 August 1941 and was recruited directly to the army.