1. Personal details (name, surname, rank, age, occupation and marital status):

Lance Corporal Józef Lewiński, born in 1906, concrete mixer, married.

2. Name of the camp, prison, place of forced labor:

Held in captivity in the Gródek Jagielloński camp, recently Sknyliv. I worked on the road.

3. Description of the camp, prison:

In wooden buildings, bearable conditions.

4. Composition of prisoners-of-war, prisoners and deportees:

Relations towards the prisoners-of-war. Conduct was bearable as long as the prisoner worked.

5. Life in the camp, prison:

In the camp, if the quota was met, it was bearable. A 10-hour working day, as for clothing, they provided everything and if the quota was met, you got paid.

6. Conduct of the NKVD towards the Poles:

Propaganda, constantly telling us that Poland would no longer exist.

7. Medical assistance, hospitals, mortality rate:

There was medical assistance but no medicine.

8. When were you released and how did you join the army?

Released in Starobelsk in one piece and immediately joined the army, 28 August 1941.