Kołobrzeg, 13 December 1989

Jadwiga Malczewska-Przybylak

Editorial office of “Zorza” weekly
Mokotowska Street 43
00-551 Warsaw

I kindly request to finalize the data completion about my father Stanisław Przybylak, who stayed in the camp in Ostashkov and had gone missing.

1. Stanisław Przybylak

Parent’s names: Jan and Marianna née Bruczyńska, born 19 August 1895 [in] Studzianna, Śrem district,
Łobżenica, Wyrzysk district,
Shepetivka camp.

2. Education: secondary, foreman major in Border Corps in Łobżenica.
3. Major rifleman – health service; stretcher paramedic – reserve foreman major; lack of data.
4. Foreman major in Border Corps – Border Corps Inspectorate in Łobżenica, commissioner deputy.
5. Lack of information on that topic.
6. Only a single postcard came from Ostashkov, which father had written on 4 December 1939, stamp date 17 December 1939. The postcard was addressed to my mother’s brother-in-law.
7. I enclose a copy of that postcard, however not too clear, I retrieved the postcard from the court file in 1948, it was stored in the Chodzież Court’s archive.
8. Jadwiga Malczewska, [...], Kołobrzeg, daughter of Stanisław and Małgorzata Przybylak née Kniek.

Yours sincerely,

P.S. In the chapter “Ostashkov” of the book “Katyń”, the surname of Przybylak is listed, but with no name or any other information – maybe it refers to my father.