Jadwiga Boguszewska
Class 6b
Sławatycze, 14 June 1946

My wartime experiences

We spent five years in German captivity. We were forbidden from learning our favorite subjects, history and geography, and what is more, the Germans took our school. We had to learn in rented buildings, which were often dirty and cold and always too small. In a word, we were oppressed. People were caught in numerous roundups and taken to Germany.

In our district there was a furnace where people were burned; it was called Sobibór. My uncle was burned there.

Young boys were forced to joined the youth labor service, and those who didn’t want to go went to the woods to form various clandestine organizations like the People’s Army or the Peasants’ Battalions. These armies secretly laid mines, blew up trains and attacked Germans soldiers.

After five years, we regained freedom thanks to our Polish soldiers, who are true patriots.