Marianna Koba
Class 6

My wartime experience

When the Germans wanted revenge on the Poles, people ran to other villages, and we also decided to flee. We just grabbed our things and left. When they started shooting, we hid in the bushes. When the evening came, it started to rain, a neighbor set up a tarpaulin, mum made dinner, the bullets started flying nearby and I [illegible] rain got worse. Three branches fell next to dad, and our cow was hurt. The ram started to bleat, the dog barked and the fight raged on until morning, but [in the morning] everything calmed down. When the Germans ran away in the morning, Zaleszczyk’s barn started to burn, and when the Soviets arrived, we could go home. When we got home, there was a lot of hay inside. We went to get our things to the other village and we could go to school again.