Zdzisław Czech
Class 6A
12 June 1946

My wartime experiences

I had various experiences during the German occupation. [This incident happened] in 1944, before the arrival of Russian troops. On 21 July, Mongols [sic!] attacked our village and started shooting at us from the forest. The residents were startled; they fled to the fields and hid in bunkers. A few Germans came in the evening; seeing that the village was abandoned, they scoured the fields on horseback, forcing people to return to their homes. They said that if anyone would be missing upon their arrival, they would kill the entire family.

On Friday, 22 July, a lot of them came from the forest; they started arresting the men and tormenting the women. Later they dispersed and started burning the village. Only a few buildings were left.

On 23 July, the men were taken to Lublin and murdered in Krężnica [Jara]. Only those who escaped from the train survived.