Class IV

What the mass graves tell us

Wherever you look, you can see crosses standing in the fields, by the roads, in the forest. There is even a cross near our village – the whole village was turned into a burial ground. And in all these graves lie people, victims of the war. Some died from bullets, others from bombs, while others still were executed by firing squads or burned to death. War wreaks havoc. The enemy destroys the people of his foe.

Not only soldiers, but also civilians perished in this war. The Germans would come to our village, drive people into the fields, and shoot them. The neighboring village of Michniów was surrounded by gendarmes. The Germans rounded up all the residents in barns and set them on fire. The youth were put on trucks and taken to Germany for forced labor. Many people fled their houses, very few remained. A great many ran off to the forests, but quite a few were shot there. The war has left us with the graves of thousands of our brothers.