Krystyna Biskupska
Class 4
Public Elementary School in Dąbrowa near Kielce

My most memorable moment from the occupation

When the German gendarmes organized a round-up at our place in Dąbrowa, they caught my mum. On that day I was in Masłów with my uncle and I returned home before evening. I was quite far from home when I saw two cars park in front of our house. The Germans got out of the car and rushed to the village. I ran home. Only my brother was at home. Daddy hid when he saw the Germans, and mummy had gone to the cooperative to buy some groceries. When she returned home, the Germans caught her. When they captured my mother, I took my brother’s hand, followed my mother and cried. When I wanted to reach my mother, the Germans shouted [gap], but we didn’t want to leave, we just ran crying. When we got to school, to the cars, we cried. One of the older Germans ordered mummy to get into the car, but seeing me and my brother, he had mercy and let mummy go. It was the most memorable moment for me from the time of the German occupation.