Official memo

On 10 April 1948, Genowefa Średzińska, resident at Rakowiecka Street 37a, Warsaw, in response to a summons issued by the District Commission for the Investigation of German Crimes in Warsaw, appeared for interview and declared as follows:

I was at the Stauferkaserne from the morning of 2 August 1944 until 4.00 p.m.

Once the women had been released from the barracks, on the second or third day, a soldier brought a woman with a child and mother to our house at Kazimierzowska Street 79. I know that the woman’s name was Irena, and she was a resident of Sandomierska Street 17 or 15, which had been burned down. Irena stayed with us for a few days, after which she moved to Kazimierzowska Street 85. The woman was regularly visited by a German from the Stauferkaserne. He was aged around 50, stout, of medium height and with a round face. He wore a rubber army coat and civilian clothes. I heard that he had been in charge of the burning down of the house at Sandomierska Street 17. He was the right-hand man of Patz, the commandant of the army unit occupying the Stauferkaserne. Jan Wierzbicki, currently resident in Poznań, could give more information about this German.